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Event Solutions

Based on our rich experience and our pursuit of beauty, we propose solutions for all types of events held in hotels and venue halls. Our comprehensive services cover the planning, organization and operation of events, as well as space design and the production of stages, venue decorations, signboards and displays. For the production of ceremonies, anniversary events, exhibitions, new product launches, farewell parties, annual general meetings and all types of meetings, please feel free to consult us.

Company Profile

Company Name
Yutaka Inc.
Tomomasa Tokunaga
Year of Foundation
June 1987
81, including part-time workers (as of April 2017)
Head Office
1-15-10 Higashioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0011, JAPAN
Business Activities
– Construction, setup and decoration of event venues
– Planning and solutions for events and exhibitions
– Electrical work and temporary internet circuit installation work for events and exhibitions
– Sale and rental of special furniture for events in hotels and venue halls, construction and interior design (Construction License (Ordinary-25) No. 130125 issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

Our Roots

Picture of Bonfire Sarugaku in front of the Large South Gate (from the last volume of the Picture Scroll of the Kasuga Wakamiya Onmatsuri Festival), Edo period. Property of Kasuga-taisha shrine.

Nara city. During the ceremony in front of the Large South Gate of Kofukuji temple, the bonfire noh play begins.
The Wakamiya Onmatsuri festival dates back to 1136, and boasts an uninterrupted history of more than 880 years. In the late Edo period, seats were divided between tatami mats for the front row and tiered seats for the back row, thus forming the basic layout for present-day outside theaters. This setup technique resorting to mobile elements such as temporary seats is still effective in our present-day work. We at Yutaka Inc. consider that perpetuating such ancient techniques, and bringing to the future our will to enhance events with beauty, are one of our important missions.

* Photograph courtesy of Kasuga-taisha shrine. We deeply thank Kasuga-taisha shrine for their permission to use the image of this scroll.

Support for Dogs Victims of Disasters

We opened Wan-Wan Land, a facility taking in pets owned by the victims of the Great East Japan and Kumamoto earthquakes. Currently, five dogs lead a healthy life there, cheering us up with their lively activities.